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Why Pro A Now? 

Denton County will exceed a million people in the next year. Those new residents bring their hopes, dreams and cars with them.  But they do not bring any roads.  These bond programs have been used and will continue to be used to reduce congestion countywide.  The County has accomplished much, but there is much more to do.  Proposition A, if passed, will provide the county with the resources it needs to leverage several billion dollars in needed roadway improvements.


Will Prop A Raise Taxes? 

No.  If voters approve, the county can issue road bonds to help fund needed road projects.

Denton County has effectively managed its road bond debt to maintain its AAA bond rating. It is one of the only 7 counties out of the 254 counties in Texas to attain this rate.


This basically means the county has a great credit score and pays less in interest rates on its debt.  More importantly, the county can service the bond through its current operating budget without having to raise taxes.  


The proposition, if approved by the voters, will give the county the authority to issue up to $650 million in road bonds.  However, the court has the flexibility to time the issuances to ensure no impact to the tax rate.  This is what they did for the 2008 road bond program.  


What is the County’s Tax Rate History?

Below is Denton County’s 10-year tax rate history.  As you can see, the rate has been lowered every year, except the year following the COVID shut down.  But even with that, Denton County was able to reduce the rate from $0.2849 in 2012 to $0.2175 per $100 valuation.

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